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It me again, The girl that uploaded you're fic ;) I was just wandering could you check out my new story about if Luke lived (in episode 5) how it would happen. I was devastated by his death, as were many other, so wrote the fic to make them feel better :D I'd love some feedback from you on it because you are like a role model to me, honestly ;) Thanks in advance ;)

I would love to read it! I am in the majority that sobbed their eyes out. Just send me a link! ^^

So here’s the deal. This will contain spoilers from episode 5 don’t read if you’re not done!
Okay. So.
I haven’t been on for a few days as most of you probably know. I am here to explain why.
I have never cried at a video game or movie really. Ever. Until Lee in season 1.
That broke me.
Now, I am going to fully state that I sobbed as soon as Luke died.
When other people died I was sad, but I never cried. I only ever cried at Lee. When Luke died, that killed me.
Same with Kenny. With Kenny’s ending I cried even harder. For God’s sake, it was because I knew he was going to need to die, but hell I knew I didn’t want that to happen.
In conclusion, I’m back. I’m broken.
But I’ll survive.