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Is there a link to all the things you've written?

If you check the tag “thatglitterygeek fanfictions” all of them should pop up :) I’ve written so many it’s hard to keep track of them all XD Maybe one day I’ll make a list and share it with you guys :3

Walking Dead Game FanFiction

Title: Goodbye For Good
Characters: Clementine, Kenny, Luke, Bonnie, Mike
Summary: When Clementine is bit by a walker and Kenny goes into denial, the group is then left with a single question; who will to pull the trigger?
Author’s Note: Swears and possible triggers inside. Read with caution! This takes place at the beginning of episode 5 season 2 :)
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“She’s fine.”
“Kenny, she’s nowhere close to fine! We need to stop!”
“No! We need to keep going!”
Luke grunted, stopped and setting down the half-asleep Clementine against a nearby rock. “Hey kiddo. Clem?” He whispered nervously.
A small groan escaped the pail female, her golden eyes tugging themselves open. They were slightly glazed over, as if someone was trying to cover up their sparkle with cotton, but the faint gold still shone through. Luke gave a weak smile, brushing one of his rough hands against her cheek and then trailing down to her wounded arm. Skin was peeling off and away from her tainted flesh, dried blood surrounding the large bite before fading away into her grey-tinted skin.
“Don’t touch it.” She groaned quietly. “I don’t want you getting infected.”
“I won’t get that by just touching it.”
“I don’t want to risk it.” She whispered again, her brows furrowing as she attempted to seem as threatening as possible. However, in her dying state, it came off more as pleading and desperate.
With a sad smile and nod before tearing his eyes from the wound, Luke spoke. “Okay, Clem. Whatever you say.”
“What are you doing?!” Kenny scolded. “I told you, we need to keep moving!”
“Kenny, she needs to rest.” Bonnie chimed in, her eyes shooting daggers at the persistent male. “She’s in no condition to keep going as she’s been going.”
“She’ll be fine. It’s just a little scratch.”
“A little scratch?!” Bonnie screeched, disbelief taking over her figure. “Kenny, she’s not doing so hot. She’s going to stay here and rest wether you approve or not.”
“She’s fine!”
“NO Kenny! She’s not fine!” Bonnie screamed, grabbing everyone’s attention. Even Clementine rolled her weak head to the side to get a better look at the woman. “She’s bit! You know that, I know that, we all know that. I know that this is hard for you but for god’s sake Kenny! We need to put her first. Not your silly little plan of going north.”
“It’s not a silly plan! She’s safe up there!” Kenny closed his eyes and looked away after his outburst, pain taking over his previously angry face. This couldn’t happen…not again. This all had to be a bad dream. First Duck, now Clem? This world was being too cruel.
“Clem? Wake up, Clem.”
Luke’s quiet voice shook Kenny back to reality, rushing over to the girl’s side. “What happened?!”
“She passed out. The bite does that to ya.” Bonnie claimed, sighing sadly and situating herself on the other side of Luke. “We just gotta wait until she wakes back up.”
“Luke, I’ll carry her for a while.” Mike chimed in quietly, walking closer towards the equally injured male and gesturing to his bleeding leg.
Luke shrugged. “It’s not as bad as it looks. I got her.”
“You sure?” Luke tended to have a system. If someone he cared about was hurt, no matter how bad he was feeling, they came first. It was both a blessing and a curse.
Luke nodded, giving Bonnie a glance of urgency. Luke knew just as well as anyone that they needed to get a move on. They simply needed to find a warm place to sit down and figure out what to do. They needed a plan; a new one. A better one.
Wobbling to his feet, Luke limped away with the weak child in his arms.
Kenny frowned as he watched the male struggle to carry the young girl. So unfair. So unfair.
“I’ll carry her. For a little while.” He stated, stopping and turning to look at the bleeding male.
“Kenny, I don’t—”
“Please.” He pleaded quietly. “I want to carry her.” The look of complete sorrow and devastation in his eyes caused Luke to cave, carefully sliding the limp female into his arms. “Go stand with Mike and Bonnie. They’ll help you walk.” He stated gruffly, adjusting his hold on Clem.
Luke nodded, waiting until the two walked closer before wrapping his arms around them for support.
Kenny only walked a few paces in front, watching as the young girl groaned softly, her eyes fading open and closed as she drifted in and out of consciousness.
“Kenny?” A gentle voice finally asked, causing the male to glance down at the sick girl.
“Hey there, Clem.”
“Kenny…you need to…to stop.”
His brows furrowed, doing as the female commanded and pausing in the middle of the snowy pathway. “Why? We need to get you someplace warm to rest and—”
“Kenny, stop.” She pleased, coughing and gasping desperately for air. “Everything I see is dizzy…I need to sit.”
As the other three finally caught up to them, the older male leaned the young girl against a tree, eerily similar to the way Duck had rested there once upon a time.
“How you doing now, Clem?” He asked, keeping his voice soft as the others carefully sat Luke down against the ground before Bonnie and Mike crouched on the other side.
“I’m bit, Kenny.” She whispered, the three words jerking tears into the male’s eyes. “You know what needs to happen.”
“No, Clem. No goddammit not you too!” He whispered, placing his head into his hands to refrain from sobbing.
Clementine’s eyes forced themselves open, watching as the people surrounding her held back their own tears. “Please,” She begged softly. “I want this to end.”
“But Clem, you’re still so young.” Bonnie whispered, her heart shattering as she watched the young girl in such pain. She was so strong, even in her final moments.
“You’re life has only started.” Luke finished, leaning forwards to speak to the fragile child.
“I don’t want this to happen.” She said quietly. “But I want to go. I…miss Lee. I get to see him again. And Ben…Duck…Carly…Doug…Omid…”
“Stop!” Kenny begged, tearing his eyes away from the ground to watch the girl. “Stop, Clem you gotta be okay. You’ll be fine, we can fix you up.”
“No, Kenny.” She begged with a small sob. “I want to go now. I miss them. I want to see them.”
“Oh….oh s-shit…” He sobbed looking back down at the dirt. Tugging out his gun from his back pocket and tossed it onto the ground. Tears fell from his face and landed against the cool metal, not wanting to think about the image he was about to see.
“I love you, Clem. You’re like my own little girl.”
“I love…you too Kenny.” She whispered. “And Bonnie, and Mike…Thank you…And Luke,” Her head flopped in his direction. “Thank you for taking care of me.”
The lump in the male’s throat grew. “Anything for you, Clem.”
Glancing down at the gun, she nodded. “I’m ready to go.”
“I’m not!”
“Kenny…” Bonnie whispered through a sob, placing a hand over her eyes to wipe away the painful tears that fell down her face. “It’s now or never. She wants this.”
Kenny glancing back to the girl as her life drew shorter and shorter with each ticking second. “I…I’m…I can’t…”
“I’ll do it.” Luke said quietly, his voice wavering as he grabbed the gun, wobbling to his feet with a whimper.
“Luke?” Mike asked quietly, his own eyes glistening with sorrow.
Luke nodded, rubbing his face with the back of his hand. “Clementine,” he started closing his eyes. “I’ll always love you, kiddo.”
“Me too. I love you all.” She gave a sad smile. “Goodbye.”
Taking a deep breath as his hand shook, he pulled the trigger.
And with a bang, that was the last words any of them ever heard from her.
The bravest little girl in the world, finally got to go home.